Wednesday, August 31, 2011


WHO do you think you are
Running round leaving scars
You know, I was doing absolutely fine without you
I was dealing with the pain of losing you fairly well
I learnt to live life outside of our little globe
Out of that little bubble we live in
You know, the bubble where there was only us
Just you and me
Gazing into each others eyes
I was seeing other people
I was living a different lifestyle
A lifestyle that I myself was not familiar with
But awkwardly enjoyed
I was content with life for the first time since we broke up
But no.
Everything I did.
Everythingggg led me back to you
The people I was seeing - "he doesnt know me as well as you do"
"he doesnt play as well as you do"
"he doesnt dress as well as you do"
"he doesnt get me like you do"
People say I'm stupid for letting you back in my life after the pain you've put me through
They know.
They alll know I was vulnerable
They all knew how messed up i was
But still i let you back in.
After 2 years of multiple flings, hook-ups and stuff, I realized
That i'm still not over you
Why is it that i give in to you so easily
Why is it that i can never resist you everytime you come knocking on that door?
I'm freakin in love with you thats why
And I'm angry
I'm angry at myself for being this stupid
For indulging in smth that will soon lead me to a series of hurt and pain
Especially after I leave
Cause I know you too well.
7 years i've known you
And you me
We just complete one another
Remember how we always seem to say the same things at the same time
Or how we have exactly the same taste in music
How I would just sit in your car, sit back and relax
Cause its my songs playing on the radio
Or how i could just fall asleep in your arms
Because your scent makes me week in my knees
How can i EVER give this up?
Youre my best friend
And thats the best part
But the thought of losing you again kills
Its hurting me deep to my bones

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey you,

I wonder how long it'll take you to realize that I've posted something here. If youre really stalking me that much that it won't take too long :) but hello. Yes this one goes out to you, love.

"...because you’re the first person I wanna look at when I wake up in the morning and the only one I want to kiss goodnight. Because the first time that I saw those hands, I couldn’t imagine not being able to hold them. And the first time I kissed those lips, I couldn't imagine it being with anyone else."

"So tell me, how did things work out so well with your wife?
Simple dude, I married my best friend."

"..cause there's just no one who gets me like you do. you are my only one"

"I do this from time to time when I like to think of you and me."

"cause at the end of the day, it all comes down to you and me. just you and me. and no, replying me an hour late isn't gonna help anything."

"well you always know how to make me feel better when i'm angry or upset anyway. a gift, and a curse"

"well thats it for today folks! tune in next time"

"nyom nyom"

"i won't go another day without you"

"and it goes like this!"

Monday, August 15, 2011



i miss youu :(

Friday, September 04, 2009

Guess Who's Back. =)

helllo ALL! =D

i'm super duper buper zuperly sorry for abandoning this blog for 3 months =X and i'm sorry, blog, for being a super duper bad owner. i promise i'll TRY to update you more often. and i'm sorry readers. (if i still have any) but here's an update.

Okay, so since June, loadsa stuff has changed. We moved into a new house and it automatically transformed into a home over night. i dont know, this place just feels like homee. =) And we got a golden retriever puppy. She is the love of my life. Happy is her namee. Cause she makes us happy cause she's alwayssss happy. Jumping around and all. She got sick and almost died, but she's alll better now. We love her to bits <3 and of course, Berwick will always be my knight in shining armour :)

It is now September and will be having my 2nd mock NEXT WEEK. So wish me luck! I should go study. Soon. I've got loads to update! I am currently tryna finish a whole form 5 textbook in like 3 days which is HUMANLY impossible. but at least i can say i tried. =D its frustrating k. i have to read over and over again JUST to udnerstand. den read over and over again JUST to memorize. then the next day i forget, so i'll read over and over again.. and it goes on and on and on. hahaha sejarah is a major pain in my royal ass.

I was suppose to go for a Drill Camp in KL last August holidays but the camp got postponed due to H1N1. eh this thing getting pretty serious k. and i'm not feeling too well =(

What else? I'm addicted to facebook. there, i said it =X

Ahhh life's going on pretty well right now. despite the studying and all. things are actually slowly getting better. i love it! and i lost weight. well at least i THINK i did. oh that makes it oh so much more worrying. ahaha. daddy's like blocking all my social activities. >.< and i cant wait to get my driving license! rachel drove us to lunch todayyy. Not bad lah, but she does super sharp turnings and she's lame at parking. i dare to say this cause i know its true..and i know she wont be reading this so like YEAH. ahaha.

i'm sorry for a pictureless post. for pics please got to

anyth new in my life. you know it'll be on facebook ;)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Tonight's gonna be the last night that i'm staying in this house.
feeling a tad bit nostalgic.

che2 dedek2, say bye2 to this place! lets all hold hands and sing kumbayahhh

hey, i grew up here okayy. through good and bad times. recessional and non-recessional period, i've been happily lving here. lol

*wipes tears*

goodbye to the old, hellow to the new.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Go Figure!

Guess who's back? or who was back? =)

Lets play guess the butt.
Haha Sarah was back in Kuching!

But she left again for mirey early this morninggg.. =( haha had fun spending the day with her. its been like what, 5 years since i last saw her? ahh good times good times. she's still the samee.. she never changes. She still has her goofy smile and her horny looks. Pretty as ever .=)
Spent gawai with her. Got drunk with her.. i heart sarah =)
Ohh we went shopping after visiting. with sha as welll.. we went to tHe spring. she hates shopping btw. so fun to drag her arnd. haha

PADINI HAD A HUGE SALLEE! apa lagi? shop till i drop lah. spent so long lining up to pay for my stuufffsss. heh. spring was damn full okay! so many peopllleeee.. and i accidentally masuk tandas laki but i wont elaborate on that. by far the most embarassing time of my life lol
ah BENGS laughed at me okay =(

all i really need is you.. =(

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday The 29th

this is gonna be yet another pictureless blogpost due to the cable still being at the new house =.=

School went bt quickly todayy. teacher's werent teaching. whats the point of coming to school anywayyyy. hear pn ding marah us only. and miss ko took my classmate's slippar away - letting them walk barefooted - just cause they pakei slippar to sch. APAKAH. i heart my classmates la. i'll really miss them when my sch years end.. the Hang's family, consisting of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Neon?, Hang Letih. lol! they crack me up everydayyy. though their big bullies, love them to bits.

neways, i did NOT go to PBK today. so this is by far one of the happiest day of me life =) instead i was home all day, trying to get my GOSSIP GIRL to start streaming. bloody thing wont work! sigh, so i ended up recording emo songs. ahaha. was mucho fun.

then i went for badminton. freakin tiring. played with yoalanda's bro todayy. DAMN PRO MAN. so lap bin one play with himm... =/ he's only 14! jeff also bo bin laaa.. Malaysia player okay! Then i went home, tired. STARTED CLEARING MY CUPBOARD jam packed with papers, books, etc etc so many many BARANG! freaking headachy okay! but i found soooo many funny stuff. stuff i wrote, stuff i made, test papers. hahaha. a trip down memory lane

My room is currently 45% empty.
The easy part's over.

And, i found a CD.
CD Name : Ruby's Party Mix
(yes you may start laughing now)
i think this dated like 6 years back
and the songs are....

1. Me against the music - Brit and Madonna
2. Perfect - Simple Plan!
3. I will Survive -NANA!! lollll
4. Losing Grip - Avril
5. Complicated - Avril
6. Numb - Linkin Park LOL!
7. I'm with you - avril
8. Mobile - Avril
9. Somewhere I belong - Linkin Park!
10. Nobody's Fool - Avril
11. Things I'll Never Say - Avril
12. So Yesterday - HILARY DUFF! lol
13. Ultimate - Lindsay Lohan
14. I'm just a kid - Simple Plan

wait for it...funny shit coming up!

15. Desa Tercinta - NANA!
16. Boys and Girls - Good Charlotte
17. Vince pernah menyayangi seseorg..ttp..sayangg...vince kesal kerana dia tidak pernah menghargai pengorbanan vince selama perhubungan itu..VINCE TIDAK MAHU DILUKAI LAGII... LOL! Pernah - Vince!
18. Sonata Musim Salju - Vince
and the finale...


19. (i forgot the title lahh) Aladdin? - Khai!